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We have always exceeded our client’s expectations. We are a dedicated team of HVAC professionals and Tankless Water Heater experts in the industry in both Commercial and Residential field. We have been proudly providing services to schools, gyms, mosques, churches, recreational places, retail stores, residential buildings, Condominiums, complex and more. We have all the necessary licensing requirements, insurance and other necessary documents to operate in Ontario. We offer comfort, we offer expertise, we offer professionalism, we offer excellent installation, service and repair. We pride ourselves to cherish honesty, transparency and trust. We stand by our word and promise, and we deliver to our customers’ satisfaction.

We are rated professional, expert and trustworthy by our clients. We provide the best installation quality. We abide by TSSA code of installation. We have G1, G2, G3 license holders on side when need be. We enjoyed Bosch installation training and we are Bosch accredited installer company. We know our product inside out. We offer next day installation if your water heating system is broken. We walk you through installation, we familiarize our clients and make it easy for them to use their Bosch Tankless Water Heaters.

Annual Maintenance is a preventive measure to ensure “first of all” your safety and your family’s. An unattended unit that is connected to gas, electricity and water, is the device that you should not ignore, but only worry when it starts to not work. Please read about the risks of carbon monoxide. We are not here to scare you, but to protect you against unpleasant realities. Annual Maintenance allows your tankless water heater to work at peak efficiency year in and year out. You will enjoy peace of mind with our annual maintenance services. A tankless water heater that is maintained annually experiences considerably less breakdown chances and it prevents costly repairs, but it saves costly or high utility bills.

We assure you that our Emergency Services does not cost you extra dollar. Our Emergency Services is intended to keep you and your family safe and happy. Our clients can call us any time of the day or night when they experience any type of unit breakdown whether it is our install and someone else. We want you to have piece of mind knowing that we are here anytime you need our services.

We all hate unexpected events and negative surprises. Call us today for free in-home consultation when you are finally ready to install your tankless water heater. Our consultation is genuinely free and no unwanted calls to annoy your or disturb your family time or dinner time. As a matter of fact, we offer all HVAC related consultation to our clients with serious inquiry. Please call us today and we will visit you at the exact time we agreed.

We are proud to announce that we offer various types of comfort plans to provide you peace of mind and assure you that we have your back. We offer Diamond, Gold, Silver, Platinum and Standard comfort plan. If you wake up one early morning and your tankless water heater is broken, we will be there to get rid of that unpleasant experience because we pride ourselves on Best Customer Experience Services. Please call to inquire more about our comfort plans.

Our phone lines are live so is our chat lines. We know you don’t take show at midnight, but if you have shift work schedule and wake up at midnight with no hot water heater, please call us at 416-821-9017 any time of the day or night and we are happy to help because we care about our clients.



Whether you have a question about a Boshtankless, need support or would just like to give us some feedback, we’re happy to hear from you.